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HP   1/2 (half) size pan 6" w/ lid
TP   1/3 (third) size pan 4" w/ lid
sixthpan   1/6 (sixth) size pan 4" w/ lid
ODP   12 Volt On-demand water pump
RCB   12v Rechargeable Cart Battery
BCS   12v Trickle Charger For Battery
2VR   2 Valve Rail
3VR   3 Valve Rail
3WL   3rd Wheel
5UMB   5 Foot Burgandy Market Umbrella
45030   50 - Half Size Pan Liners - PanSaver®
45010   50 - Third and Quarter Size Pan Liners - PanSaver®
9FU   9 Foot Market Umbrella
atoz   A to Z Comprehensive Vendor Course
MP   Amount Owed - Miscellaneous Payment
BCM   Bens Course Manual
BCI   Build a Cart Instructional DVD Set
CICB   Cast Iron Commercial Burner
CSH   Chip Clip Strip Hangers (2)
HWSK   Concession Hand Washing Sink Kit
CSL   Concession Sink Large With Drain
DIL1   Day In The Life - Hot Dog Vendor
TK1A   DIY Trailer Kit
DDDSL   Duggs Doggs Hot Dog Vendor Daily Sales Log - FREE!
FC   Faucet
FT   Flip Top For X-large Steam Tables
4SKS   Four (4) Sink Kit
4SKL   Four (4) Sink Kit Large
ASP   Full size spillage pan
HPP   Half size (1/2) Perforated Pan
HSL   Half size slotted lid
HHP6   Hinged 1/2 (half) size pan and lid 6" deep
HHPP4   Hinged 1/2 (half) size perforated pan and lid 4" deep
HTP4   Hinged 1/3 (third) size pan 4" w/ lid
HTP6   Hinged 1/3 (third) size pan 6" w/ lid
HFP4   Hinged 1/4 (fourth) size pan 4" w/ lid
HSSP1   Hinged 1/6 (sixth) size pan 4" and lid
Mafia   Hot Dog Mafia Membership
HDS   Hot Dog Sled
HWH   Hot Water Heater Better L6
KK   King Kiosk
LYC   Lease Your Cart
LDC   Lil' Dog Cart
LPGL   LP Gas Line
MSR   Most Successful Hot Dog Vendor Recipes
PDG   Pro Dog Cart
POC   Property Owner Consent
HPA   Q Propane Gas Hose Adapter 6'
RA   Regulator hose LP 6 foot long
RBT   Roll Back Top
RT   Roll Top
SPSP   Sample PanSaver® Pak
SPR   Sample Plan Reviews
CC   Shelley's Catering Contract - FREE!
VDSL   Shelley's Hot Dog Vendor Daily Sales Log - FREE!
3WLTT   Solid Rubber Tire / Rim Replacement For Third Wheel
SBC   Steaming, boiling and grilling video demonstrations
BDC   The Big Dog Cart
CCC   The Cash Cow Cart
CPC   The Cater Pro Cart
obtc   The One Big Thing Course
TPP   The Pro Pack
SK   The Stand King

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